Little Satsang Parent and Toddler Yoga Classes are designed for parents and caregivers who want to practice yoga, connect with their toddlers, and build community with other families.

Adults do yoga while our little ones play. Children are encouraged to participate when they show interest, and songs and games are incorporated throughout class to keep them engaged. Toys are provided for their enjoyment and cleaned after each class.

The class will adapt to meet the needs of the kids in the room. Some days we will do more asana (yoga poses) and other days we will play more with our children. This space offers a beautiful opportunity for us to practice mindfulness, non-judgement, and self-compassion in the midst of toddler ups and downs.

Age Range

Class is geared toward ages 12 to 36 months.

Children younger than 12 months are invited with the understanding that toddlers will likely move into their space.

Children older than 36 months are invited if they show some interest in the yoga and activities, and are responsive to redirecting of normal disruptive behavior (running, yelling, taking toys, etc.)

Level and intensity

Class is open to all levels, including brand-new-to-yoga-beginners.

This is a gentle, slow paced yoga class focused on mindful breathing, gently opening up our bodies, and slowly building strength. We will also include a couple of core strengtheners in each class because, as you know, toddlers require us to lift heavy and often awkward loads.

What to bring (and not bring)

Bring a yoga mat and water for you and your child. If you don’t have a mat, bring a large towel instead.

We currently don’t have any yoga props to offer, so if you have a blanket and/or blocks you like to use, feel free to bring those as well.

Milk, formula, and breastfeeding are all welcome in class. Other food is not allowed.

Can I bring a friend?

But of course. More than one adult is welcome to attend with a single child, and more than one child is welcome to attend with a single adult. Parents, caregivers, relatives, neighbors, friends… come one, come all.

What does “satsang” mean?

Satsang comes from the words satya (truth) and sanga (community). It is a community of truth seekers. A community that gathers together to empower each other to live in authenticity and joy.